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Note : Synth DIY is about hunting for information in the internet jungle. I will put links that can help you but you might will have to do further research. Best results will come up when you google “ [my_research]” or “muffwiggler [my_research]”. ex: “ benjolin”. Good hunt!


The Benjolin is a musical electronic instrument created by Rob Hordijk. I strongly suggest to read his explanation about the instrument over at electro-music. Files needed for the build are available at electro-music and also on casper electronics website.



I suggest buying a 10“x6” metal box (, as there is enough work to do, i find.


Design your layout, according to your box.

Software :

If you have a Mac I strongly suggest Affinity Designer (50$, for life). If you have Linux I strongly suggest Inkscape (free/open source).

Note : I do not recommend illustrator as nobody in the lab will be able to help you. We encourage software that is opensource, or accessible in terms of price. We do not encourage cracking. Furthermore, if you are planning to use laser cutters in the future, you will run into incompatibility issues with illustrator (wrong svg scaling for exemple).

My layout : (includes the cv and audio in mods and the rungle mods)

Parts needed



You will need parts for the benjolin pcb, the power supply pcb, and the box itslef. There is a part list on casperelectronics page. I will put links for some parts, because they are hard to find or strongly suggested.

You need a 50 log pot for the volume

*UPDATE* I made an extended part list including the power supply parts, the rungle mods and the cv in and audio in mods (does not include the original bill of material) :


Inside of my benjolin, for reference :

It's missing a lot of information but if you have any question message me on slack and i will add the missing bits here.

Good luck :)

Also 3 interesting links :

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