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Welcome to the Eastern Bloc Lab wiki!

This wiki is intended to be a place where the lab members share their knowledge, tips, or useful links.

The Eastern Bloc Lab is a wonderful place where the members can learn by themselves through exchanges and experimentation. Thanks to the wiki, we can now have a place to document projects, and can redirect curious lab members to articles writen by other lab members.

If you like to share on other websites, don't hesitate to post links pointing to your articles in the wiki.

And don't forget, everything you learned on the Internet was possible because someone took the time to document and share the information for free!



General Information



PCB design



Machines skills


Projects documentation

Machines and tools

Audio projects




To see the pages already created by the members, click here.

To create an account, ask André or myself (Greg) on slack to create you one.

To create an article, log in first! Then, in the adress bar, after, type the name of your new page. Ex: Then click on the pencil on the right to start writing!

It doesn't have to fit in the existing categories! I can create a new category if needed and add a link to your article as soon as I see it.



Thanks to André Girard for the installation and hosting of the wiki!

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