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CNC laser build


I received this for 200$ CAD shipping included, approx.

I don't want the laser, just the frame. Laser is built separately, see L-Cheapo lasers build.



They email you doc files and pdf files. The doc files can be converted to pdf using The exe files can go straight to the garbage. Why? We don't want to use their software, as it is probably buggy and support non-existent. Also, who uses Windows anyway? Manual.pdf

Start assembly

I started to mount everything without tightening anything. I think it's good practice, as you will realise every 5mn that you forgot to add something before tightening this screw. Also, we need a leveled table. I build a torsion box a bit too fast, so i am planning to put a custom cut glass on top of it, usally glass is very flat.

Once everything looks assembled (belts well tensionned but loose frame) i go straight to programming.

Controlling the machine

Chinese Drivers

The arduino on the controller board is not a real one, but a chinese copy. And chinese copies use a different (cheaper) driver, the CH340. If you run linux, you are fine. If you run Mac or Windows, go here :


GRBwhat? GRBL! Yes if you are able to use an arduino to control a CNC or 3dprinter, it is because of GRBL. You upload it inside an Arduino and now your arduino will convert Gcode into steps for your motor drivers. Download the .hex file on this page To upload the .hex file using the arduino IDE, check here :


Note : Make sure the computer controling the machine have Arduino installed! Otherwise it will display “no serial port found” and you won't be able to connect to the machine.

Use Universal G-code controller to configure GRBL and jog the machine.

This guide is very well done. TYpe $$ to print your configuration. You basically need to check your:

  • $100, $101, $102 (step/mm settings, a.k.a when I say move 1 inch, is it actually moving 1 inch?)

formula : In our case, (200×16)/(2×20)=80

  • $110, $111, $112 (max rate setting, a.k.a max speed, or G0 moves)

In our case 20000

  • $120, $121, $122 (acceleration, a.k.a acceleration)

In our case 2000

Hardware upgrade

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