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Creality Ender 2 with some mods

I bought an ender 2 as it was the only one that would fit inside an Ikea ALEX storage unit.

I want to do the following modifications :

  • Be able to print Nylon.
  • Make it completely silent.
  • Have a longer Y axis (approximatively 2 times).

Bought here for 269 CAD + shipping / Received in 25 days.

Problems :

Modifications :

Purchase list

3D printed mods

Money spent in CAD, shipping inc.

Money wisely spent (searched for the best price) :

  • Printer (banggood): 284.34
  • Probe (aliexpress) : 16.40
  • SKR Board with silent drivers (aliexpress) : 53.61
  • PEI+Steel sheet (aliexpress) : 55.55
  • Microswiss all-metal (3Dprintingcanada) : 112.62
  • Tungstene carbide nozzle (dyze design) : 69.11
  • Noctua fans + blower (amazon) : 82.53

Money less wisely spent (bought locally in a hurry) :

  • Two aluminum beds (abra) : 55.86
  • V slot rail (abra): 20.55
  • PT100 thermistor for microswiss (abra) : 5.98
  • 50W heater for microswiss (abra) : 8.39
  • OB-585 build plate (abra) : 27.90

So far, total : 792.84

Still cheaper than a Prusa, I have two hot ends I can swap (one for PLA, one for Nylon-CF), the Nylon-CF setup is top notch, the controler board is the best there is, I have autoleveling, and it (mainly) fits inside my ikea box :) :) (which acts as an enclosure, necessary for nylon).


Would I do it again / recommend? No, too much work. When you want to go custom I realised it is better to start from the most popular base (ie, Ender 3) and if there is a simple solution out there for your custom needs (ie, silent board from creality) choose it.

Am i happy with it? Yes, works beautifully!

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